Deaf Animation Studio DEAFILM is a creative animation studio specializing in the production of movies, animation, motion capture and visual effects for films and cartoons of world cinema. The studio employs peoples with disabilities, but this does not prevent to create stunning animation and films. Our mission always remains the same - we want to touch every mind and heart.

 Comprehensive list of facilities and services, from production pre-visualisation to finished post production animation and movies along with a strict secure data environment, ensure delivery is on time, to the highest quality and with project security guaranteed.

Our services:
  • 3D assets
  • Rigging
  • 3D Animation
  • Mocap Animation 
  • Previsuaization
  • Matchmove
  • Visualization
  • Keying
  • Paint / Roto
  • Compositing 

Among our projects, animations of rats for "Wanted" (2008) IMDb, previsualization and animatics of vampires and horses for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (2012) IMDb, animations and vfx for flying car "Black Light" (2010) IMDb, animations of creatures for "Viy 3D" (2014) IMDb, VFX for "Attraction" (2017) and more
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